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Youth Development Programme

The Academy is committed to developing young talent and providing quality coaching in a safe environment. Our coaching methodology is based on the long-term development of players which means that progress will develop within a structured programme.

As a Football Academy, we promote a Player-Centred approach, where we focus on ensuring the environment stimulates each individual and allows them to succeed. We place importance on recognising the early stage of their development and adapt our coaching to their individual needs.

We build a foundation that includes technical development such as decision making and focusing on key components such as ball mastery, control, kick-ups, running with the ball, scanning and learning various ways of striking the ball.

As part of this programme, our players will also learn the rules of the game, as well as the Academy’s values which are Passion, Innovation and growing on and off the field.

The details are as follows:

Training Locations: 

St Charles Sixth Form College W10 6EY

Club Des Sports, East Acton W3 7HB

Training Days:  

Tuesday: 4-6 year olds

Wednesday: 4 -11 year olds

Thursday: 9-11 year olds 

Friday: 7- 8 year olds

Saturday: 4-7 year olds 

Sunday: Game Day for u8-u11 year olds - Harrow Soccer Combination League

Training Time: 

Monday to Thursday: 4.15pm meet for a 4.30pm start. It finishes at 6pm

Saturday: 9.30am to 11.00am

Age: 4 years to 11 year olds

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