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More Information

If you are thinking about joining our football academy, here is a bit more information that will help and provide you with some guidance.

Football is the most played game around the world. It’s a game that anyone can play no matter what level or capability you have, everyone is welcome. Hilo the head coach has a passion for developing players of all levels as anyway can become a good players if they have proper training and practice with good coaching.

A good academy like JTL FC will focus on developing their players regardless of their playing level or capability. We always provide a safe environment and with progressive coaching. It is important to understand that our methodology and coaches are constantly developing and learning as well.

After School Program

  • When we think about After School football sessions, we priorities child safety. All staff have Safeguarding qualifications are DBS checked

  • After school sessions involve regular fun base sessions that are essential for skill development in youth

  • The children will learn about football and gain positive feedback from the coaches as well as from other team members as well as making friends.

Youth Development

Our academy will always work on players’ needs and the training of these individuals. A coach can understand and promote players abilities in the initial stages by providing essential coaching and skill-based exercises and games

  • We create individual programs that are player-centered to get more hidden talent from the players

  • In football, the youth are always curious to know more about ball mastery and striking of the ball and we encourage this

  • A UEFA qualified coach can help build a foundation so the players can choose the right decision during the game

Our football academy provides all the necessary support so they also develop good values on and off the field

Football Events

  • Football is a game that connects many and forms lifelong friendships

  • We will always have one professional and fully qualified coach with no more than 15 children

  • You are joining an academy that delivers football sessions as well as being available for regular events such as birthday parties.

  • JTL FC Academy has many rising young football stars

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